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This modern interpretation of the japanese tsuno bag is perfect for everyday use allowing you to carry your daily items.

Tsuno Bag

  • The tsuno cross body bag is a modern interpretation of the Japanese tsunobukuro, an antique bag made from one piece of fabric that was used to store grains.


    Its angular shape has be replaced by organic curves giving it a simple and timeless shape.


    The traditional hemp fabric has been replaced by French cotton moleskin which is a classic workwear material, known for its strength, being the French alternative to American denim.

    The fabric will gain character and patina through its daily use.


    Inside the bag is an inner pocket with a button allowing you to secure the contents.


    Two zippers seal the top of the bag allowing you to store and carry your items with serenity.


    Technical specifications:
    100% French cotton Moleskin

    Overlock stitch assembly

    Two excela 18cm zippers

    Inner pocket with horn button and loop closing mechanism


    Dimensions :

    Bag : 43cm x 32 cm

    Strap : 100cm

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