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Memoria Falsa is an artisanal ready-to-wear line featuring capsule collections of genderless and modern designs.

Each collection takes inspiration from a trip to an imaginary destination and its culture. The mood and story of each place are infused into the clothes, becoming the physical incarnation of an idea.

A unique postage stamp is sewn onto each garment, linking it to its originating / birthing place.

Memoria Falsa’s name comes from the psychological phenomenon of ”False Memories”, where someone recalls something that did not actually happen.

The origami raven, being an artificial and fragile object, symbolizes the messenger bringing back the memories of each destination.

Memoria Falsa's values :

  • local and fairly made

  • one-of-a-kind and limited edition designs

  • 100% made with natural fibers


Find my pieces collections in store :

Passage Thiaffait

19, rue René Leynaud

69001 Lyon


Keep me updated to the Memoria Falsa brand's news and benefit from preview advantages on upcoming collections.

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