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This collection is about the inception of this company, born from the chaos that the pandemic brought upon us. It's about returning where it started. Going back home and settling again.

For me, it was France, and specifically Lyon and its region. The home of silk weaving and printing for centuries, and thriving with the likes of Hermès and many others.


This collection is about something that you can't find anymore in this world. A product from the past. A collection of vintage silks made into bespoke shirts, made by hand and garment dyed with natural matter using plants and Shibori techniques. The pattern of every shirt is unique to the client, and every shirt is made by me, from the first mark on paper to the last hand-sewn silk buttonhole. 


In order to be true to our era and the accessibility we have, thanks to the internet, to connect to the world, this collection also offers the possibility to buy from in-house sized patterns. As well as made-to-measure pattern modifications (read more about the buying process here) to forgo the longer bespoke process if unnecessary.


Different steps of the garments creation offer a metaphor to these different production possibilities: from a hanger wearing standard sizes pieces; to a scarecrow, humanoïd, non-animated being, wearing made-to-measure garments; and finally to a fully living and moving scarecrow wearing bespoke pieces.

Crédit photos Gayanaka Wijethilake @vieux_dieux

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