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Garments are made in the following 3 different artisanal methods.


  • Handcrafted sized patterns: each piece is drawn based on standardized body measurements, developed in our atelier to give the exact proportion and harmony desired once designed.

  • Made-to-measure: the handcrafted sized pattern is drafted and modified to better fit the client’s body specificity (with, for example, modified sleeve length or body length). A unique pattern is then made and kept for the client.

  • Bespoke: full scope of the tailor’s know-how, which, after a fitting session of taking the primary measurements, proceeds to develop the piece from scratch, altering it through up to three fittings, to reach the fit desired to the last detail. This relationship with the tailor creates uniquely refined garments, sculpted around the client’s body.


Sized Pattern

By email only, assistance can be provided to find the right size (see size guide)

Delivery time between 2 to 6 weeks after confirmed order. 


Discussion about piece modification through email only,

a video call can be provided to help get the right measurement.

Delivery time between 4 to 8 weeks after confirmed order.



Appointment taken via email.

First meeting used to take the measurements in our atelier in Lyon.

First fitting used to mark modifications and changes to the piece.

Second and, if needed, third fitting to finalize.

Depending on client scheduling,

delivery time between first meeting to last fitting from 8 to 12 weeks.


All pieces are made to order, by hand in my Lyon atelier.


For orders and inquiries, please contact me at

The process of creating a bespoke garment project is split in a series of appointments.


  • The first meeting will be a conversation between the tailor and the client in order to define the piece or outfit that will be made (type of garment, design details, fit, fabric, etc.). The client will be able to show images or actual garments they own to the tailor, helping the design process. Fittings of existing samples or garments will also be done if possible, before settling on a price quotation.


  • Once the project is clearly defined between the client and the tailor and agreed upon, measurements will be taken in order to create a bespoke pattern.


  • We will then proceed to the mouseline fitting : a first fitting using the bespoke pattern on a fabric close to the final one used for the project, in order to adjust the fit and give a closer idea of the finished product before cutting the final fabric.


  • The last couple of appointments will be using the final piece for fittings before its finishing steps (hems, buttonholes etc.), adjusting the last details to the highest level of precision.


Every project of garments are made by hand in my Lyon atelier (France).


For any question about bespoke projects, please contact me by email at :

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