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Trained in the art of tailoring during his Italian experience, Loïs Dionisio today blends the traditional production technics of workwear with those of the tailor.

He thus incorporates seams made by hand , such as the traditional interlining of the jackets ( photo opposite ), the buttonholes with silk cord, the assembly of the collars and cuffs by hand, juxtaposed with confections from workwear techniques such as French seams and flat felled seams.

This technical experimentation is also found in his pattern making, merging the science of the tailor's cut with the technicalities of workwear such as the gussets, creating a design that is both sharp and comfortable.


Working exclusively with very high quality natural materials , he sources his fabrics and buttons locally from France, Italy and Belgium.

He uses, in particular, Lyon silks, French and Belgian linens, Italian wool and cashmeres, as well as horn and mother-of-pearl buttons.

Combining stocks and current production of exceptional fabrics, he is adept in patchwork with his approach that is woven in the brand’s DNA: recovering scraps and small quantities of old fabrics. 

His collections are a combination of the know-how of the textile craftsmanship of yesterday and today.




Each Loïs Dionisio piece is made entirely in his Lyon workshop.

It is part of an artisanal production process. Pattern making and textile cutting is done carefully by hand, one piece at a time.

The simplicity of his workshop echoes his know-how, needing only a single needle sewing machine, carrying out each technical step by hand, whereas the industry requires numerous specialized machines.

Most of his fabrics being artisanal and traditional, each of his designs are in limited quantities.

Valuing the longevity of his pieces, he integrates the possibility of altering his clothes in an approach coming directly from the world of tailoring by adding large seam values.


The choice to use natural materials in a sustainable approach also creates the opportunity to play with colors.

Loïs Dionisio uses natural dyes, such as madder and indigo, combined with processes creating patterns such as shibori and ecoprint, to give an additional dimension to his creations.

Dyeing his clothes individually, often in a garment dye process, he brings to the fabric an incomparable finish and harmony, adding a singular soul to each piece.

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