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After being trained in the art of tailoring at Geoffrey B. Small in Italy, Lois Dionisio became a designer for the brand, developing numerous collections for 3 years and many successful pieces.

Working exclusively with exceptional Italian craftsmen, he refined his taste for natural fabrics, hand sewing, artisanal dyes, and developed a stylistic and responsible use of patchwork as a tool for his creation and the optimization of resources. 


In his work, he cultivates a taste for inexplicable beauty, initiating a conversation between materials and valuing imperfection in the handmade. It is in the meeting between two impulses- those of emotion and rationality - that his creativity is expressed: he creates objects that oscillate between mathematical rigor and the instinct of proportion.  


Focusing on small, super-limited runs, made singularly in his studio from locally made and sourced materials, his work is intended to be truly timeless.

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